Clinical trial

I know that some people are following this blog and wondering if FMT is for them. There must be a lot of questions for anyone who wants to do what I have done, the first of which is surely “will it work for me?” and I’m afraid I can’t answer that. Then there are more practical questions – “can I afford it?”; “do I have enough energy to travel to the clinic?”; “where would I stay?”. These are all very relevant questions for anyone considering the clinic option. If you’re thinking of a Do-It-Yourself faecal transplant then there are a lot of other questions around getting the donations and checking that they’re safe – if this is what you’re considering be sure to read The Power of Poop website (

However, another question you may have – and it’s a very reasonable one – is whether FMT is just some crazy hare-brained and disgusting activity for lunatics or whether it’s embraced by mainstream science.  Does anyone with any sense spend money on FMT?  It would be reassuring to know.  The answer is “yes” – the ME research charity Invest in ME (IiME), which already has one study into the microbiome of severely ill patients, has now started an FMT trial with the same group of scientists. 

A link to the study is here:

A link to the research centre, The Quadram Institute,  is here:

And a link to the lead researcher in both studies, Prof Simon Carding, is here:

I’m afraid I don’t know the timescales for the study nor how many people they’ll be recruiting but I’ll keep you all posted when I hear more.  I hope the fact the IiME is spending money on this project offers some reassurance that FMT isn’t completely mad. 

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